10 Simple tips for better productivity

Ten things to do that can make your day more productive, whether you’re in sales, management, or community leadership. Do these things consistently for two weeks and see what happens to your sales production.

1. Read something related to your industry.
2. Read something related to business development.
3. Send two emails to touch base with old colleagues.
4. Empty your key client inbox by responding to all consulting inquiries within one business day.
5. Check in with key stakeholders on their progress.
6. Have a short non-work related conversation with each client or colleague you come into contact with.
7. Review my top three goals for your company/department
8. Identify and execute one task to support each of your top three goals.
9. Post 3-5 valuable pieces of content on all your major social media accounts.
10. Take at least one minute to appreciate what you have and how far you’ve come.


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