Is setting goals THAT important?

If you’ve worked in sales or leadership, you’ve probably heard it again and again: ‘Set goals, and write them down.’ It’s probably been said so much that those who say it start to sound like Charlie Brown’s teacher after a while. In time, the idea itself starts to seem overrated, despite the fact that the majority of the world’s most successful people are people who write down their goals. Continue reading

Voicemail is your friend

It often occurs that salespeople are trained to never leave a voicemail. The conventional wisdom is just to keep calling until your target decision-maker picks up the phone. ‘You have to get them on the phone to close them,’ or ‘Their voicemail can’t make a decision,’ or something similar is usually the logic behind this mistake (yes, MISTAKE), and so it is that the determined sales rep keeps on pounding the phone. Now, this approach CAN work, but it’s still a mistake.

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