Do you trust canned responses?

We’ve all had it happen. We call a customer service number, or we’re dealing with a vendor, and our question is met with a response that sounds like it came out of a can. For most of us, this doesn’t inspire much confidence, and a lot of times, it can even seem as though the individual isn’t giving us a straight answer. Why then, do so many of us use scripted responses in our own business? Continue reading

Your next masterpiece…

The key to a masterpiece of creativity is to allow your gift to work. Many creative people spend too much time agonizing over details which do not contribute to the work itself, and often end up diluting its value, and the driving force behind this is usually fear: fear of failure, fear of mediocrity, and fear of missing some questionable standard of the various formulae of their particular craft. Nearly always this leads to creative works that are mere copies, or even worse, filled with obvious contrivances that while intended to improve the work instead expose it as the product of a hack and a coward. This is usually more obvious in written works, and is patently obvious in sales, but the discerning eye and ear will notice it elsewhere as well.

Give yourself permission to make mistakes, but more importantly, allow yourself to dare to be great. Stop holding back, and pour out what God put in you already.

Motivated and moving along…

I spent two days at Raymond Aaron’s Millionaire Bootcamp, and learned a great deal which will be leading to some major (and beneficial) changes to this website. It was inspiring and enlightening, and I got to meet a lot of great people, including J.T. Foxx, who really got the wheels turning.

Sam Medina & J.T. Foxx

There’s a lot in the works right now, from my novel being picked up by an agent to an impending deal for a video series based on the¬†HOT Cold Call, which isn’t even out yet! To all of you who have a business or creative idea, get started NOW. No more procrastinating, no more excuses or fear. Think you’re not good enough? You might be right, but if you get started, you’ll get better.

I had a great time at the Bootcamp, and appreciate all the speakers, whose insights were profound and practical.

Stay tuned, folks… big changes are underway.

How to leave an Intriguing Voicemail

Now, while some may argue that cold calling is dead, and while it’s not the most efficient way to generate sales, there are going to be times when that ideal client you’re after happens to be someone who never visits your website, isn’t active in social media, and isn’t likely to see your internet ads because they’re just not online very much. What then, are you to do? Continue reading