The REAL reason, and one that sounds good.

JP Morgan used to say that people usually have two reasons for what they do: the REAL reason, and one that sounds good. Dale Carnegie’s book, How to Win Friends and Influence People, tells us to appeal to the one that sounds good in order to get people on our side. As effective as that is, I’l have to admit that Carnegie’s suggestion always seemed like manipulation to me rather than genuine engagement. Does it work? Sure, but it’s a philosophy based on the Western tendency to believe it’s okay for people to use each other.

That being said, when you want to pursue a business or personal vision, having a real reason that is different from the one that sounds good may not interfere with its success if we measure by profit, but it can affect the legacy of that vision. Ulterior motive also tend to lead us toward manipulation, deceit, and under-handed tactics which in time may very well poison our relationships. I’m all for success and profitability, but in the end there is no substitute for authenticity and integrity.

As you build your vision, a great way to protect that vision’s integrity is to periodically as yourself if there’s a ‘real reason’ behind your decisions that differs from the ones that sound good. As I discuss i my book, The Million Dollar Hustle, your real intention will influence your decisions, and your decisions will determine your results… and their consequences.

What can you do today to refine the integrity of your vision?

Some thoughts on the Charleston Shooting

My heart goes out to the victims of this latest violent tragedy in America. However, I can’t say I’m surprised by it.

Another mass shooting has occurred, and yet again we see that the perpetrator had a history of using a pharmaco-therapeutic agent called suboxone, which is used to treat addiction. The drug is known to be associated with violent outbursts. Yet once again we probably won’t see the Pharmaceutical industry held accountable, despite the growing list of mass shooters whose behavior may very well have had some connection to their use of mind-altering drugs.

Then we have to contend with a media determined to fan the flames of racial discord, and a government determined tp capitalize on tragedy to push gun control. Is there an agenda? It sure seems that way, given that the media doesn’t cover heinous crimes like the recent rape, torture and murder of a 16 year old girl by two men who went so far as to burn her genitals to try to cover up their crime.

Never forget that the news that’s reported is carefully selected and presented in a way intended to influence your thinking and decison making.

The Charleston shooting is a terrible tragedy, but let’s not allow it to divide us.