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The Power of a Genuine Smile



Business magnate Charles Schwabb, who decades ago amassed a fortune worth more than $400M, attributed his success mainly to his smile. While I’m sure there was more to him than his smile, the fact that someone of that magnitude would consider a smile that important speaks volumes of what your smile means to the release of your vision…

A smile communicates warmth, trust, good will, and so much more that it can often create opportunities to connect with people who will become a vital part of your journey. Don’t just smile with your mouth… though some people say smile with your eyes, I say smile with your whole body. Most communication is no-verbal, and since people really can’t see your heart, your smile gives you a chance to express your good will, openness, and friendliness. Your most powerful position in business is that of safe strength. People want to know you can get the job done, so to speak, but they also want to know that you are ‘safe.’ While a smile doesn’t tell your whole story, it can position you to be able to tell it yourself!

Let your smile be your chance to communicate the very best of you to the world around you, and watch your journey’s direction change for the better.

The James Bond Walk

What makes James Bond different isn’t the cars, the clothes, the looks, the gadgets or the girls. It’s his walk. Every actor who has ever played Bond has been assigned trainers to teach him how to walk like James Bond. No one’s nailed it quite like Daniel Craig. Roger Moore even said, “Daniel Craig IS James Bond.”

Now, we can’t all look like Daniel Craig, but we can walk like him. Bond always walks with his chest out, shoulders back, and chin parallel to the floor. Observe a few billionaires, and you’ll see they walk the same way. Try this walk out some time, and you’ll be amazed at how people react to you.

Remember, your vision deserves to be communicated well, and a big part of this is confidence. So, when you walk, walk like 007 and not like WTH ;)

I hurt my back and knee recently, so I don’t quite pull it off right now, but hey… ;)



Learn to trust the truth!


Something I often tell my clients is ‘Learn to trust the truth.’ Some of them are taken aback by this, because they usually think I’m calling them a liar. The unfortunate truth is that most of us, even if we’re not outright liars, we do tend to allow deception, especially self-deception to take root in our lives in a variety of ways. What makes it worse is that most of us are not as mysterious as we think we are, so we may as well just trust the truth.

Give yourself permission to achieve

Imagine for a moment that you’ve achieved your wildest dreams of success. You’ve the big house, the cars, the airplane, the family, friends, business, etc. You’re influential in every way you’ve ever dreamed of being.

At that point in your life, how wise would you be? How confident, capable, and discerning would you be? How would you choose your friends? What would you allow to waste your time? How COOL would you be?

Now, I want you to consider that this person you just imagined already exists inside your mind. You just haven’t given yourself permission to behave like him (or her).

I challenge you today to begin to behave like the most awesome version of you that you can conceive, and drop us a line with the results. Let the best you come out and play!