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What makes James Bond different isn’t the cars, the clothes, the looks, the gadgets or the girls. It’s his walk. Every actor who has ever played Bond has been assigned trainers to teach him how to walk like James Bond. No one’s nailed it quite like Daniel Craig. Roger Moore even said, “Daniel Craig IS James Bond.”

Now, we can’t all look like Daniel Craig, but we can walk like him. Bond always walks with his chest out, shoulders back, and chin parallel to the floor. Observe a few billionaires, and you’ll see they walk the same way. Try this walk out some time, and you’ll be amazed at how people react to you.

Remember, your vision deserves to be communicated well, and a big part of this is confidence. So, when you walk, walk like 007 and not like WTH 😉

I hurt my back and knee recently, so I don’t quite pull it off right now, but hey… 😉



Post Author: sam