Operation Veteran’s Promise

This message is reprinted with permission from Operation Veterans Promise in a show of support for our veterans everywhere.

The unfortunate circumstance of the present situation requires concerned citizen like you and I to organize and support young men and women as they return home from war. The reality is the governmental support systems which once serviced the many veterans returning home from foreign wars is no longer capable to meet the needs of current demand. Reality is maintenance and support cost will almost always outpace budgetary contributions year after year. Conversely the demand to send young men and women into harm’s way will not be reduced by the limited size of the threat or the advances in technology. Yet they, our sons and daughters, our Brothers and Sisters-in-Arms often return home to fewer and fewer services after every engagement.

We hope to bridge that gap by some degree. In that effort we urge your support, not in funding but in service. For now, for today that service is simple sharing our message. Share the link to our profile to any and all you believe would share your thought of support and concern for our veterans. Take a moment to cut, paste and share our simple message below and remind the recipients, your Family, Friends, your Associates that support is sometimes no more than the simple act of remembrance; remembrance of service and sacrifice from a group of young men and women who have often given so much and asked so little.

Our Call to Action:

We are always asked how one can help. We are often asked if we accept donation. The truth is we are a not-for-profit so the simple answer is yes, we do. Our focus is income producing projects which enable our veteran’s organization the ability to maintain a self-supporting existence. The benefits are obvious; perpetuation is a core value which underscores the intent of all philanthropic organization. If we examine the larger picture, donations of our followers and supporters can be much more far reaching than the simple act of a financial donation. While many are motivated to lend their support in the form of financial contributions, there are many attributes possessed by all of our followers and supporters which may, in many ways, benefit our Veterans to a much greater degree.

Some benefactors will offer access to or direct offers of their services they or the companies they own or represent. These donations not only allow our organization access to a wide array of services needed to operate such an organization but often introduce products and services previously not considered. The submission of offered services maximizes our capability by affording us the option of redirecting much needed financial resources while giving our veterans access to the much needed donated services or products.

Many benefactors will offer our organization access to their particular knowledge base. Most often service members possess talents and attributes far beyond that of their initial or professional training. Many have particular skill sets and experience which enable our Veterans the advantage of knowledge base not easily accessible or economically achievable without their offer from our loyal followers and supporters. Embracing this pool of capabilities and talents greatly enhance our ability to achieve mission completion.

There are many who wish to show their support for our valiant Veterans but in today’s economy lack the financial ability to fully or adequately follow the full intent of their conscience is sometimes hindered. Many great things have been achieved, obstacles overcome, battles turned by the efforts of a single individual. There is great power in the voice of that single individual who simply refuses to go unheard. Sometimes people misunderstand the true strength of this attribute and its monumental impact for our veterans. Through the simple act of Communication Community, Camaraderie (C3), dare I say networking; we can and will achieve the development of a network which will benefit our veterans for many years to come. Simply accepting invitations to connect via social media provides our veterans with a louder voice, stronger platform, and greater outreach one person at a time and cost absolutely nothing. We humbly ask that you share our invitation request with as many others you feel share your concern and consideration for a group of men and women who have earned at least this much of an effort from each and every one of us.

People are far more valuable than the limits contained within the confined space of their wallets or the available limit of their credit card. Although we gladly accept financial donations we seek a greater value. We ask our followers and supporters to consider a wider range of possibilities beyond a mere financial contribution in which to participate and collaborate with our organization. While your particular skill or experience may not be immediately necessary today; we live in a dynamic world, it is almost a certainty that we will have a need you, your skills and your experience in the future and our Veterans are truly grateful beneficiaries. Until we write again God be with you and your and have a Blessed Day.


Michael Angielski
Chairman of the Board
Chief Executive Officer
Web: http://www.operationveteranspromise.org
Email: Operation.Veteran.Promise@gmail.com
Phone: (708) 654-2356 (254) 669-0665