Press release: Katarina the Dragonslayer


Enter a World Scarred by an Ancient Conflict Between Magic and Technology.



Epic fantasy with a steampunk twist!The award-winning creator of the fantasy graphic novel series Darkfell: The Fetters of Wizardry, Sam Medina, has thrilled thousands of fans with his tales of high fantasy set in a world devastated by a war between magic and technology. The first volume of The Fetters of Wizardry, Katarina the Dragonslayer and the Foebreaker’s Curse follows the story of a little slave girl determined to find freedom and adventure, and how her curiosity sets off a chain of events that will change the course of history. Lovers of epic fantasy like Lord of the Rings or The Chronicles of Narnia MUST purchase and read this novel of magic, science, and saucy, meddling dragons.

Toronto, 2013 – Sam Medina is not just a writer, but also the creator of two runaway hit webcomics, Jake the Evil Hare and Darkfell: The Fetters of Wizardry, with more than 60,000 online fans. He began writing Katarina the Dragonslayer and the Foebreaker’s Curse as a short story to create a history for what was to be a side character for another novel, but as he wrote it, the history of Katarina’s world began to unfold, and he feltcompelled to follow her down the King’s Road into the unknown terrors of the accursed Southlands.

An avid student of ancient cultures, he has been building the fantasy world of The Fetters of Wizardry for two decades, and has created a very different take on the mechanics of magic and myth that lovers of the fantasy genre must see for themselves. Here’s what critics have been saying:


“What can I say about this book but WOW! … If you are a lover of the fantasy genre then you will become an instant fan of Sam Medina… If you enjoyed reading the Lord of the Rings series or the Chronicles of Narnia series, then this book needs to be on your bookshelf or Kindle shelf… 5 stars without a doubt!” – The Kindle Review

“Echoes of Tolkien fill a book for the modern reader. 5 stars!” – Matt Posner, author of the School of the Ages series.

“Medina has clearly spent a lot of time developing his mythology, and it really shows… seems to have borrowed the best of Tolkien–the imagination, the distinctive voice, the journey–and given it his own twist while leaving behind the old master’s lengthy, not-so-fun exposition. Also, this may come as

sacrilege to some and is mostly likely due to my 21st century sensibilities, I believe Medina is more appealing than Tolkien in his pacing and dialogue… For fans of epic fantasies, Katarina is a welcome return to the kind of fun heroic adventures we all love.” – Zigzag Timeline


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