RIP Robin Williams

Wow. Just wow.

When I got the news yesterday morning, I thought it was a prank. I soon found out that it wasn’t. Robin Williams, who’s made me laugh since I was about 5, is gone. We’re told he took his own life. I still can’t believe it.

A friend of mine likes to say that anyone who says money can’t buy happiness just doesn’t have any. I think Robin William’sGone too soon. tragic end underscores that my witty friend is wrong. He had it all: fame, fortune, and family. His humor had made the world his oyster, and yet he was still so depressed that he chose to end his life. I can only imagine what his family must be going through.

Having been through some depression myself, particularly when I ended up homeless after Princeton, I know how quickly sorrow can turn to despair. Like Rocky said, nothing is going to hit you harder than life, and sometimes we struggle for years or even decades with wounds in our soul that just don’t seem to heal.

If you’re struggling with depression, don’t go it alone. It may feel like no one understands, but the truth is someone somewhere does, and someone somewhere would be happy as a clam in your shoes.

I won’t pretend to have any answers here, but I will say there’s no emotional wound worth your life.

Be grateful, love others, even when they don’t deserve it, and keep the faith.

Robin, you’re so greatly missed already.