The HOT Cold Call

The Hot Cold CallI know some folks will say that cold-calling is a waste of time, but let’s face it, some clients will never see your ads or your website, and sooner or later there’s a prospect you need to make contact with. So, unless you’re selling something that involves no human contact whatsoever, there will always be some kind of initial contact. Thus, every first contact is basically a cold call. Even with a referral, that person has yet to experience you. Whether you’re looking to land a big client, or just trying to talk to a pretty girl, there are communication skills you need to build the rapport that will give you the opportunity to make that sale, or get a date. ;)

Even in personal relationships, there’s the old saying, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” It’s an old saying for a reason: it’s true! Some quick tips for making a better impression include:

  1. Smile with your whole body, not just your face.
  2. Give a firm handshake, with eye contact and a smile.
  3. Be genuinely interested in others, and they’ll find you more interesting.
  4. Walk confidently. Watch a few James Bond movies and try his walk, and see what happens. I’m 5’4″, but when I do the James Bond walk, people get out of my way and do double-takes, wondering who I might be. I’ve gotten more than a few deals just because someone noticed me by my walk.

In my book, The HOT Cold Call, I discuss the communication skills I used to earn over $4M as a rookie stockbroker, and which I’ve used over the years to land big clients again and again.

You can download The HOT Cold Call here.