Three ways to Skyline yourself to attract Quality Clients

When I served in the US Marine Corps, the guys in the platoon used this term to denote attracting attention, particularly the attention of the drill instructors. However, when attending events, it can be useful to find a positive way to attract attention. Don’t get meWait! Be engaging. Be human. But most of all, be REAL! wrong. Nobody likes a ham or a show-boater. However, with a little discretion, you can succeed in making a lasting, positive impression on multiple prospects.

Give sincere compliments. Being somewhat of a connoisseur of men’s fashion, and an admirer of good fashion in general, I tend to get creative with compliments about what people are wearing. Look for items which show deliberate intent, and focus on that. For example, I tend to notice cuff links, tie pins, and other accessory items. My sincere compliments are usually followed up with a question or two about the item, if it seems appropriate, and before I know it, a conversation is under way.It’s great to be remembered as that nice guy who always has something good to say without being fake. Don’t be insincere. Most high-caliber clientele will pick up on it, and they will immediately dislike you — and rightly so.

Become the Toast Master. If it’s a social event in which toasts are being made to whomever is being celebrated, don’t be shy. Come prepared, be heartfelt, engaging and if possible eloquent.

Volunteer to speak. As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve connected with meeting planners simply by raising my hand to participate when someone leading an event calls for volunteer. This gives you a chance to show that you do well under pressure, that you’re a good sport, and likeable or interesting. Every time I do this, I run out of business cards. Working the room is for pikers! When you’re a Million Dollar Hustler, you make the room work you.

If you do these things with poise, class, and warmth, you’ll attract a great deal of positive attention from potential clients while never having to ‘sell’ anyone.


Don't be like this guy!
Don’t dress like this guy, unless you’re a gigolo.