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Sam is dynamic, inspiring speaker whose gift for vision and strategy coaching has helped thousands of artists, entrepreneurs and students to take their business to the next level. His open, down-to-earth speaking style has made him a popular speaker with audiences all over North America, from children  to artists of all stripes, to elite business leaders and the halls of the Ivy League. A former Wall Street broker, Sam has developed a unique gift for strategy that consistently produces results, and he now shares his insights through coaching, mastermind programs, and seminars which leave audiences feeling smarter, inspired and better equipped to produce phenomenal results.

To book Sam Medina to wow your participants and change their lives, click here, or

call him at (289) 839-1905.

Sam’s presentations include:

  • The Million Dollar Hustle: Unleash YOU! A life-changing presentation on how to connect with high-value clients and take your performance to the elite level to attract and retain big clients.
  • The HOT Cold Call: How to Engage, Intrigue, and Inspire in ANY First Contact Situation. A detailed look at the communication philosophy behind Sam’s uncanny ability to connect with business leaders at the highest levels through a mastery of the art of the initial contact.
  • You are MORE Than You Think. A dynamic, insightful seminar that will show you how to unlock the unmanifested potential of your mind.

Some of Sam’s business and creative credentials:

  • Former top-producing financial consultant who raised more new client assets than his entire firm combined in just his first year.
  • Founder and former CEO of  one of the first Wireless ISPs in the US.
  • Consultant to executives in the technology, real estate, financial services, security, and beauty industries, Sam has delivered comprehensive business strategy, sales and leadership training  to companies in the financial, real estate, security, personal care and IT Industries for more than a decade.
  • Best-selling author of:

The HOT Cold Call

  • Katarina the Dragonslayer and the Foebreaker’s Curse
  • Jake the Evil Hare: Week One
  • Jake the Evil Hare: Mostly Dead
  • Jake the Evil Hare: Beyond Lumberdome
  • Jake the Evil Hare: Cowboys and Idiots
  • Jake the Evil Hare: Spyfall
  • Darkfell: Return to Moonshadow


  • Creator of the award-winning webcomics Jake the Evil Hare and Darkfell: The Fetters of Wizardry, with over 70,000 online fans.
  • Professional speaker for over 10 years, having taught throughout the US and Canada.

To book Sam Medina to wow your participants and change their lives, click here or

call him at (289) 839-1905.